Education Planning

Long before retirement, the first financial challenge of many investors is education funding. Spielberger & Brooks can offer you a solid understanding of the investment vehicles that can provide the proper funds at the right time. 529 plans are the most popular options for college savings available today. Contributions to 529 plans are not sharply limited in terms of annual contributions. These programs offer great opportunities to save for the costs of higher education and may offer some tax relief to residents of specific states. In addition to 529 plans, Congress created the Education IRA in 1997 and reintroduced it in 2001, with enhancements as the Coverdell Education Savings Account. Featuring tax-deferred growth and tax-free withdrawals, Coverdell’s provide friends and family members with an attractive-but limited-opportunity to save for a child’s educational goals. The Spielberger Group will help you choose which college funding vehicle is appropriate for you and your children.