The key to financial success is education. Many employees don’t take advantage of the benefits that their 401(k) plan offers, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how to. In addition, many plans offer many different investment options that participants may have difficulty understanding. As dedicated financial advisors, we will educate the plan trustees and employees to better understand the benefits and investment options within their plan. We offer the following:

  • Education – We will offer meetings for your employees to help educate them on the economy and their investment options. It is at these meetings that we will show the benefits of participating in the 401(k) plan.
  • Investment Policy Statement – We will work with you to establish an Investment Policy Statement and to make sure that you are complying, monitoring and documenting your decisions. We will visit your company and assist the trustees in establishing a prudent process for selecting and monitoring investment choices. This will:
    • Assure that the plan has documented investment objectives
    • Provide a basis for periodic review and documentation of existing investments
    • Ensure that the investments selected meet the plan’s objectives.
  • Life Style Options – These are investment options that have pre-established asset allocations. It is a great option for employees who lack the investment knowledge to evaluate and select individual investment options. We will recommend rebalancing when deemed necessary.
  • Quarterly Commentaries – we will distribute an educational commentary with our thoughts on economic conditions and investment options to all participants.

Through our educational meetings, quarterly commentaries, and life style options, we feel that we put your 401(k) plan participants in a better position to make more quality decisions when it comes to choosing their investment options within their plan. Our dedication to our 401(k) clients and their retirement can not be beat. For more information on 401(k) plans please click here.